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Bright diluents

Normal Antibody Diluents are prepared for use in immunochemical procedures. Antibodies can be diluted directly in this reagent and can be used immediately or stored in the refrigerator.

Our products

Cat. No.DescriptionVolumeDatasheet
BD09-125Normal antibody diluent125 mlClick here
BD09-500Normal antibody diluent500 mlClick here
BD09-999Normal antibody diluent1000 mlClick here
UD09-125BrightDiluent, green antibody diluent125 mlClick here
UD09-500BrightDiluent, green antibody diluent500 mlClick here
UD09-999BrightDiluent, green antibody diluent1000 mlClick here
RAD09-125BrightDiluent, red antibody diluent125 mlClick here
RAD09-500BrightDiluent, red antibody diluent500 mlClick here
RAD09-999BrightDiluent, red antibody diluent1000 mlClick here
BAD09-125BrightDiluent, blue antibody diluent125 mlClick here
BAD09-500BrightDiluent, blue antibody diluent500 mlClick here
BAD09-999BrightDiluent, blue antibody diluent1000 mlClick here
YAD09-125BrightDiluent, yellow antibody diluent125 mlClick here
YAD09-500BrightDiluent, yellow antibody diluent500 mlClick here
YAD09-999BrightDiluent, yellow antibody diluent1000 mlClick here